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Hoatzin It Solutions in a nutshell: we're not a full service agency, we're specialists. We're not boutique, we're small. We've worked with some cracking agencies in our time, learned from the best, taken all the good bits on board, and rolled them into our own unique shape. Nice to meet you.

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What We Do

IT Staffing Solution

PineappleWe have a complete recruitment and staffing team professionally headed by experienced management. We specialize in combining the power of technology with our expertise in human capital management to maximize the value and effectiveness of our companies.

Web Applications

Pineapple Web apps are a cost-effective way to interact with your customers and boost engagement. We develop custom apps that evolve with your business.

Web Development

Pineapple Web development brings your project’s design to life with effective function. We go the extra mile to develop high-performance websites for an enhanced user experience.


Pineapple Got a bold idea to put to the test? We’ll bring it to life with a working prototype that will inspire your team.

Mobile First

Pineapple Over 70% of customers now use smartphones to research before a purchase. If your users are mobile we create digital solutions tailored to their needs.


Pineapple Marketing insight will strengthen your online presence and grow your business. We’ll help you plan and execute a strategy to achieve your goals.

In House Projects

PineappleTo meet our clients’ needs, we handle requirements, design, development, testing, and technology integration.

Cloud Solutions

PineappleWhether you’re seeking to repair issues, broaden a strategy, make use of controlled offerings, or in addition modernize and steady your programs and infrastructure, Hoatzin is the give up-to-give up offerings company that may help.


The rules we play by

Straight talking

Hoatzin It Solutions is a customer centric organization. With us, you'll know what to expect and when. If there's a simpler solution, we'll tell you. If we can't do something, we'll tell you. We steer clear of small print, and we deliver what we promise.

Warm welcome

We're a small agency by choice. We get to know our clients properly, and we want you to feel that your project with us is a collaboration. And once you're our client, you're our client - our interest in you doesn't end once the project's over. If you need some advice, call us.

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Big ideas

We stick to what we know but we're always learning. Our ideas are as big as your challenges. Custom builds, creative solutions and intelligent integration - we've got it covered. And if a simple, sustainable solution works, we're good for that too.

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Open ears

The work we do isn't a vanity project. We'll guide and advise you, but we want to hear your thoughts on the challenges your business is facing. Think of us as an extension of your business. If you need us to fit in with your team, that's fine by us.

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